Tara 20x40 Standard Mesh Inground Swimming Pool Safety Cover


Double perimeter webbing, Double-Thick straps, High strength, non corrosive 302 grade stainless steel springs, Large manually sewn X stiching on straps, coping anti rub strips, non-corrosive, double-notched aluminum tips, UV and chemical resistant thread. Blocks 96% Sunlight. 15 Year Warranty 2 Years Full. Available in Green, Blue, or Tan.

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Tara Manufacturing has long been established as one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Their line of safety covers is no exception. The Standard Mesh cover is the original safety cover material. The Standard Mesh material meets all ASTM standards, The standard mesh carries a 15 year pro rated Warranty. Standard mesh reduces debris and provides 96% shade factor. It is also the lightest weight of all covers. Available in Green Blue or Tan

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There is no substitute for a Tara Safety Cover

Tara Covers Selection

Tara Covers Selection

Tara Covers Selection

Tara Covers Selection

Protect your liner from storm damage and debris

Water bag covers can create more problems not less

Prevent algae growth and save time and money

Keep your backyard looking beautiful all year long

Tara Safety Covers protect your family, your investment and your budget.

Each of our mesh and soild safety covers meets or exceeds ASTM standards. We designed and engineered our safety covers to stand up to the harshest weather conditions. Built to fit and last for years, each of our safety covers will keep your pool free of debris all winter long. Choosing a Tara Safety Cover will not only protect children and pets, but your wallet too. A Tara Safety Cover will reduce the amount of water and chemicals you loose over the winter and the amount of cleaning necessary to open your pool in the spring.

Tara has the solution to cover any type of pool

Each Tara Safety Cover is built to fit the specific needs of your unique pool. Using the latest design software and uncompromising craftsmanship, your Tara Safety Cover will fit perfectly and look beautiful for years. Raised walls, spas, stairs and other features can be incorporated into the design to ensure that all gaps are covered and secure. Your safety is our primary goal. There is no better safety cover available, because Tara is setting a new standard for protection.

Tafa Safety Covers Inground Swimming Pool Specifications

Tara Covers Spec Shot Tara Covers Spec Shot

Durable commercial grade springs resist fatigue and maintain consistent tension after years of repeated expansion and contraction.

All webbing is triple stitched and reinforced at the intersections with a box stitch and another 'X' stitch sewn in the center.

Tara Covers Spec ShotTara Covers Spec Shot

EZ installation tool and storage bag make removing and storing your safety cover easy and convenient.

Tara doubles the strength of the safety cover by sewing webbing across the top and bottom of the entire safety cover, length and width.

Tara Covers Spec ShotTara Covers Spec Shot

To provide maximum protection for the decking all springs have tinted PVC covers and only nonstaining polyethylene is used for rub-strips.

Rub strips on each strap and wear pads over step corners and sharp turns, prevent abrasion and extend the life of the cover. Each safety cover's serial number is printed on the rub strips for easy reference.

Tara Covers Spec ShotTara Covers Spec Shot

All of the deck anchors, optional anchor flanges and strap end caps are non-corrosive solid brass for durability and longevity.

Using the measurements from your liner, ensures no safety cover will fit your pool better than a Tara Safety Cover.

Well equipped to perform

Each Tara Safety Cover is fully outfitted with high quality hardware and installation equipment. The strength of the safety cover is doubled by sewing the webbing on both sides of the safety cover, doubling the thickness. The perimeter straps are reinforced with a bar box tack stitching and only UV resistant thread is used throughout the safety cover. All of the anchors and end caps are non-corrosive solid brass for durability and longevity. Stainless steel hardware, including springs and buckles are standard. To provide maximum protection for the decking all springs have tinted PVC covers and only nonstaining polyethylene is used for rub-strips. Best of all, every Tara Manufacturing product comes with the service and support you've counted on for 30 years.

Standard Features

  • Double webbing along edges to prevent fraying
  • Webbing sewn on top and bottom of seams for double strength
  • High-strength, non-corrosive 302 grade stainless steel springs
  • Large, reinforcing X stitching on straps
  • Coping anti rub strips
  • Non-corrosive, double-notched brass tips
  • UV & chemical resistant thread
  • Serial number printed on all rub strips

Cover Selection


For maximum safety, a mesh safety cover is the best choice. Each of Tara's safety covers are strong enough to support a person or group of people, but a mesh safety cover will allow water to drain from the surface. Tara's standard mesh and HD mesh safety covers are equally strong and drain water quickly. Our solid safety cover is sold with an automatic pump to remove any standing water.


Both the standard mesh and HD mesh safety covers drain water quickly from the surface. Each filter the water so that leaves, debris and most particles do not fall in the pool. The HD Mesh has an extremely dense weave that filters more debris than standard mesh. The solid safety cover will not allow water or anything else to fall in the pool, leaving the pool clear till spring.


Maintaining a Tara Safety Cover is not difficult. Anything that falls on the surface can be removed with a leaf blower or hose. Mesh safety covers are lighter and easier to put on and remove. They also dry quickly after being removed and can be folded easily and placed in the storage bag. A solid safety cover will be heavier than a mesh safety cover. Keeping the surface clear of debris and standing water will make removal easier. It may also need time to dry before being folded for storage.

Water Quality

For a clean pool at opening, the solid safety cover is the best choice. A solid safety cover prevents all sunlight, water and debris from entering the pool. A standard mesh safety cover has a densely woven mesh that will filter most debris and blocks 96% of sunlight. The HD mesh safety cover is an extremely dense weave mesh that will filter even more of the debris and provides 99%* UV blockage.

*HD Mesh U.S. Patent No. 6,886,187 - 99% Shade

Tara Safety Covers Selection

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