21' X 21' Octagon Steel Wall In-ground Pool Kit Do-it-Yourself

21' X 21' Octagon Steel Wall Pool Kit inground do-it-yourself pool kit by Precision Pools.


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Steel Wall Inground Swimming Pool Kit Do-it-Yourself DIY by Precision Pools

Steel is the most popular wall system and the easiest to install. Our steel panels are 42 tall with a 5 top and bottom flange. They are a full 14-gauge thickness with G-235 Zinc Coating. Our exclusive adjuster rod braces are 12-gauge G235 with double ground stakes on each brace.

All skimmer, inlet, and light cutouts are custom placed to meet your specifications. Our wall bracing system is the strongest in the industry, and it is not necessary to pour a concrete footing around the walls unless soil conditions are unstable. We can produce unlimited sizes and shapes with steel panels.

Contact the Pool Experts Toll Free at 855-205-7139 to customize your pool with options, GUARANTEED best pricing

Steel Wall Pool Kit Options (not complete list....we carry every imaginable option!)

  • Diving Boards & ladders
  • Lights (LED, Smart & more)
  • Pool Liners (awesome selection of patterns from Merlin, GLI, Tara)
  • Stairs & Swimouts
  • Water treatment (salt generator, chlorinator, ionizer)
  • Tanning ledge assembly
  • Smart & Pool Automation

Steel Wall Pool Kits contain the following:

  • Precision Pool steel wall panels with adjuster rod steel wall braces
  • Nuts, bolts, washers, and rebar
  • SP1085 Wide Mouth Skimmer
  • (2) 1408 Inlets, (2) Hydrostream nozzles
  • Pump & Sand Filter to meet pool size/specs
  • Aluminum Coping with Clips and Screws
  • 20 mil Liner- pattern of your choice (Merlin, GLI, Tara)
  • Three-tread stainless steel ladder W/ anchors and escutcheons
  • Safety Rope and Floats with Coping Rope Mounts
  • Deluxe Vacuum Head
  • 35-foot Vacuum Hose
  • 8 - 16-foot Vacuum Pole
  • Skim Vac Vacuum Plate
  • Leaf Net
  • Chemical Test Strips
  • Safety Rope and Floats with coping rope mounts
  • Drawing & Dig Specifications
  • Free Telephone Technical Support
  • All steel carries a lifetime limited warranty.

ALL Options available to customize baseline pool kit. We encourage you to contact our team of Pool Experts to discuss your specific requirements!

Additional materials required:

  • Sch 40 PVC pipe and fittings
  • Standard electrical wire
  • Switch for the pump
  • Sand or Pool Base to go under the liner
  • Concrete or paving stones for the pool deck

SPECIAL REQUESTS - NO PROBLEM. Call the Precision Pools Pool Experts at (855) 205-7139!

Pool Kit Construction

INGROUND Pool Kit Construction Overview - do it yourself

What to expect

The time required to build an average pool start to finish is about 100 to 120 man hours (3 people x 40 hours). 3 subcontractors are normally required. They are: The excavator to dig the pool, The licensed electrician to wire the pump and light, and the Concrete Finishers (if you choose to pour a concrete deck). All other work can be done by any average handyman using our instructional video and manual. Simple tools and common sense are all that is required. (and the nerve to dig up your backyard).

Planning and site preparation

Call your local municipality and find out what is required as far as fencing, property line, sewer, drainage and electrical code requirements for your area. Utility companies will locate power, gas, telephone and cable lines free of charge. Locate your septic tank and drain fill lines. The drain fill lines can be relocated if needed. Use flour or spray paint to mark the swimming pool location in your yard. Obtain the required permits before starting your pool installation.

Receiving the pool kit

Depending on where you are located, the pool kit will be delivered by our driver on our truck, or delivered by one of our partnering truck lines. Plan on having at least 2 people to help unload the truck. Inspect the shipment to be sure everything on the list is there and in good condition. Watch the installation video several times to become familiar with the construction process.


Day 1: Many pool companies, even well established ones, subcontract the dig to an excavation contractor. Most contractors use a backhoe to dig pools. Look in your local yellow pages, and ask around to find out who digs for the pool companies in your area. Look under excavating contractors, or septic tank contractors. Pools can also be successfully dug with a rented skid steer loader.

Assemble the Walls, Coping, and PVC Plumbing

Day 2: Bolt together, Align, and Level the wall panels and braces. Pour the concrete footer if required. Pull strings and hand trim the inside of the pool to prepare for the vermiculite and cement floor. Install the Skimmer and return fittings on the pool wall. Install the Aluminum coping with the self tapping screws provided. Connect the PVC schedule 40 plumbing to where the pump and filter will be located.

Vermiculite and Cement floor

Day 3: The easiest and best floor material is premixed vermiculite and cement. We also sell pure vermiculite that can be mixed with Portland cement. You can buy portland cement locally to save on freight. Rent a 5 cubic foot morter mixer (with rotating paddles inside the drum). Three or four people can easily trowel the pool bottom in 4 or 5 hours. You can mix material and work at your own pace.

Installing the liner

Day 4: The vermiculite bottom should be dry enough to walk on now. Walk down into the pool and touch up any rough places. Inspect and sweep the entire floor. Lay the liner box in the pool and unfold the liner. Install the liner bead into the coping starting with the shallow end corners. Place the hose from one or two shop vacs behind the liner to suck the air out and remove wrinkles.

Backfilling and Forming

Day 5: Fill the pool with water using a garden hose. With normal water pressure, city water will fill an average 18 x 36 pool in about 48-72 hours. Start backfilling around the outside of the walls. We backfilled by hand using shovels and wheelbarrows for years. (thanks, Dad) Most people rent or contract a bobcat skid steer loader. As the water comes up on the wall, place about 10 inches of dirt behind the wall and dampen and pack with your feet or a hand tamp. Continue to do this in 10 inch increments as the water comes up on the wall. Form the area you want for the concrete deck, or prep the area for pavers or wood deck. Set the ladder, handrail and dive equipment.

Wiring and plumbing the pump, filter, and light

The pump and light are wired 110 volt. Depending on the electrical code in your area, this may have to be done by a licensed electrician. Plumbing the pump and filter is very simple and usually takes about an hour.

Pouring concrete and Cleanup

Day 6: As with the excavation, most pool companies subcontract the concrete finishing to concrete finishers. Find a crew that is used to doing swimming pools. You may also choose to lay brick or concrete pavers yourself. That’s it! Clean up and throw out grass seed. Enjoy your new pool!

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