PermaWood Wood Wall Inground Pool Kits DIY

PermaWood Wood Wall Inground Pool Kits DIY

Perma-Wood Wood Wall Inground Swimming Pool Kit Packages

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The Precision Pool PermaWood Wood Wall swimming pool package is the inground pool kit for do it yourself of the future available today! Today more than ever, PermaWood wood wall inground pool kits makes sense. It is one of the strongest pool walls available and it is a renewable source product. PermaWood is easy to work with and environmentally friendly.

PermaWood Wood Pool Walls are constructed using ground contact, direct burial plywood and dimensional lumber. All wood is treated .40 PCF as specified by national and international standards for direct burial. PermaWood is treated with Alkaline Copper Quaternary, a waterborne wood preservative containing copper (a fungicide) and quaternary compounds (insecticide) to protect against termite attack and fungal decay.
Don’t confuse this with ordinary “Marine Plywood”. Marine plywood simply means there are no voids in between the layers to trap water and they use exterior glue. It is not treated to prevent insect attack or fungal decay, and is not suitable for direct burial.
PermaWood is treated in an enclosed pressurized cylinder which forces ACQ into the cellular structure of the wood to form an insoluble complex that won’t evaporate or vaporize over time. ACQ lumber is environmentally friendly, clean, odorless, non-staining and non-irritating to humans, animals, and plants.


Warrantor will replace any genuine treated product used in a residential application which becomes structurally unfit due solely to damage caused by fungal decay or termites.

PermaWood wood wall panels are constructed of ½ inch plywood and 2x4 framing with vertical supports every 2 ft. Plywood is attached to framing using 3 inch hot dipped galvanized ring shank nails and urethane construction adhesive at all contact points. Wall Bracing is A-frame style adjustable steel braces. Braces are spaced no more than 8 ft apart. Panels and Braces are attached using 3 ½ inch hot dipped galvanized lag bolts and washers. Skimmer, Return, and Light panels are cut to Customer specifications. All kits include ¼ inch Gladon Waveless Wall Foam and Spray Adhesive.

Other than the wall panels, all components of the PermaWood wood wall in-ground pool kits are identical to components used in our Precision Pools in-ground steel Wall swimming pool kits and our Precision Pools in-ground Polymer Wall swimming pool kits.


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