Steel Wall Inground Pool Kits DIY

Steel Wall Inground Pool Kits DIY


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There are good reasons that Steel is the most popular wall system on the market. Steel is very strong. Steel is manufactured to very close tolerances which makes it easy to assemble and align on the jobsite. Steel offers the most design flexibility of any wall system used for vinyl liner swimming pools.

Precision Pools Steel wall panels are 42” tall and have a 5” top and bottom flange. They are a full 14 Gauge thickness with G-235 Zinc coating. Our adjustable braces are available with 2 stakes on every brace, and stakes are available in different lengths for different soil conditions. In stable soil conditions, using this system and following proper construction guidelines, the concrete collar required on Polymer walls is not needed. This saves you a substantial amount of money and labor.

Steel walls can usually be backfilled using the soil that came from excavating the pool where as you can not backfill Polymer walls with rocky soil. Steel is the best choice for building pools with cantilever decking where the deck needs to be poured before the liner is installed. If you plan to pour a cantilever deck, which involves backfilling and packing the soil before installing the liner, you must pour a concrete collar around the base of the walls and around the braces.

Steel walls are best suited for free form pools such as kidneys, lagoons, mountain lakes, Etc. You also can make endless configurations of free form liner over curved stairs, benches, sun decks, deep end swim outs, Etc. We can duplicate other manufacturer’s shapes and sizes. If you can draw it, we can probably form it out of steel. Our liner manufacturers are quite adept at making liners to fit anything we design.

Supporting the concrete deck is one of the most important aspect of constructing a long lasting and good looking pool. We offer deck support braces that incorporate the concrete decking and the pool wall into one structural unit.

In summary, Steel is the wall of choice for structural strength, ease of assembly, and a large selection of shapes and designs. Steel is also the best choice for curved liner over stairs and other high end custom designs.

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