Megna Pools 20 X 40 Inground Vinyl Pool Liner 30 Mil

20 X 40 Inground Vinyl Pool Liner by MEGNA POOLS (6 inch, 2 ft radius or 4 ft radius, 30 mil)


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All liners are custom made in the pattern you select to fit your pool. Therefore, if measured correctly, the liner you order will fit your pool perfectly. Stock off the shelf liners seldom fit well and do not last as long. Shipping time on liners is approximately 5 days from receipt of order. Liners are priced according to square footage of surface area regardless of depth. All orders will be confirmed by one of our representatives prior to shipment.

Order instructions:

  1. Download the Liner Order Form .pdf
  2. View How to Measure Your Pool instructional video and How to Measure a Replacement Liner instructions. Calculate square footage and complete order form
  3. Select your pattern
  4. Upload completed form
  5. Click 'Add to Cart'

Call 864.583.4FUN and one of our liner professionals will go over your information with you and help you select face plates, gaskets, and other accessories that you will need to complete your installation. When your liner arrives our liner pro is available to answer questions you may have during installation so write down the 1-800 Number and put it in your pocket. Be sure to watch the Liner Installation Video.

Dimensions Are Based On Rounding To The Nearest Square Inch.

Converting To Inches:

  • 1 .08
  • 2 .17
  • 3 .25
  • 4 .33
  • 5 .42
  • 6 .50
  • 7 .58
  • 8 .67
  • 9 .75
  • 10 .83
  • 11 .9
  • 12 1.0


  • Lazy-L....SS +LS Divide By 2 X AS Then SD+LD Divide By 2 X A (Add The Two Totals) X Price Per Square Foot + Add On.
  • True-L....SS X AS Then LD X A (Add The Two Totals) X Price Per Square Foot + Add On.
  • Rounds....3.14 X Radius X Radius X Price Per Square Foot. (ex. 24 round-3.14 x 12 x 12)
  • Octagons....Length X Width (from flat panel to flat panel) X Price Per Square Foot.
  • Kidneys....Widest Width X Longest Length X Price Per Square Foot+ Add On.

About megna pools


Each MEGNA POOLS product is custom made by craftsmen each with over 20 years experience in the swimming pool business. Attention to quality is our #1 goal. We dont check a product once it is made - by then it is too late! Instead we build quality into every step of the process.


We buy only the best materials available in North America. Where possible we source our products from local suppliers. Buying domestically means we support jobs for our customers.
Our craftsmen are extensively trained to ensure we make only the best products!

What makes us different

MEGNA POOLS specializes in personal service, quality products and attention to detail; while delivering products in a timely manner. We answer the phone personally and actually qualify every order before it is entered. At every stage of the process each order is checked for accuracy so that the product we make is right the first time!

Megna Pools Liners Ship Within 5 Working Days.

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