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Wood Wall Inground Pool Kits by Precision Pools

Wood Wall inground pool kit The Eco-Friendly Pool Kit

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The Precision Pool is the inground pool kit for do it yourself of the future available today.  Today more than ever, a wood wall inground pool kit makes sense. It is one of the strongest pool walls available and it is a renewable source product. Wood is easy to work with and environmentally friendly.  The wood we use to build our wall panels and bracing system is treated with safe and effective .60 pcf Alkaline Copper Quaternary.  This wood is designed for direct ground burial and is warranted for life by United Forest Products.  This is the same wood used to construct fishing piers and fresh water immersion applications at marinas.  It is also used for residential and commercial retaining walls and agricultural applications.  You don't actually know how a product will perform over time, until that time has passed. Now we know.  The wood wall pools we see that are 40 to 45 years old, have weathered the years gracefully and look as good as they did when installed.

Wood walls use in our inground pool kit is also very cost effective.  It is less expensive than steel, or polymer walls.  This allows you to use the savings from the high quality wood wall, which is covered up and out of sight, and put that investment in accessories such as deck equipment or a chlorine generator.

Your inground pool kit is about your builder. Various manufacturers will tell you that the wall panel is what the inground pool kit is all about because they manufacture the wall and that is how they sell their product.  The wall is all they have to sell.  Common sense tells you that polymer, steel, wood, concrete block, and poured concrete installed properly are all good choices for a wall panel.  After all, it is covered by the liner. All that is required of the wall panel is that it has to be structurally sound, and last for 50 years or more.  The quality of the inground pool kit is dependent upon the quality of the builder.  The pool base under the liner, the deck and deck support system, and the plumbing integrity are the main ingredients in constructing a good looking, long lasting, trouble free pool. The wall manufacturer can't sell that.

Tell your neighbors that you have the most eco friendly inground pool kit on the market. In the future, as people become more aware of the environmental impact of burying plastic or steel in the ground, wood will be the number one choice of pool professionals everywhere.